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This cotton print is associated with a number of Swedish folk costumes. The original is on red ground from Bjuråker, Hälsingland

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Repeat ca 25 x 26 cm. Fabric width 145 cm. 

This cotton print is still today associated with a number of famous Swedish folk costumes. The originals we used for the reproduction are a girl’s bonnet on red ground from Bjuråker, Hälsingland, owned by Skansens Klädkammare – the Costume department of the open air ethnografical museum in Stockholm, and a bonnet and apron on white ground from Mockfjärd, Dalecarlia in a private collection. The block printed design with hand painted details origins from the 18th century, but was produced in the 19th century, probably in Sweden. The colour scheme was changed during the 19th century for stronger and clearer nuances to fit the taste of the time. These colours were highly appreciated by the peasant population in Sweden, and the design was printed with different coloured grounds.