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Strawberry, Lolland-Falsters Stiftsmuseum, Maribo, Danmark. Originalet är foder en dopspåse med bandkanter och knytband av sidenband.

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Repeat: 2,0 x 2,0 cm. Width 145 cm. 

Lolland-Falsters Stiftsmuseum, Maribo, Danemark. The original is from a lining in a childs baptism wrap, decorated with multiple colorful ribbons and tied together with silk ribbon. The design is block printed on white medium fine cotton in brown black, red and brown violet. According to tradition, the child was carried in a decorated christening wrap by the godmother/godfather. The outer fabric was often reused pieces of previous (women's) garments, while the lining could consist of many different pieces of printed cotton joined together. The place of manufacture of this print is unknown.