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Originalet finns i en privat samling och är yttertyg i en kattunkofta från Kallfors gård utanför Järna, Södermanla

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Repeat: 9,0 x 9,5 cm. Width 145 cm.

The original, from a private collection, is a woman’s short gown found at Kallfors mannor, Södermanland, Sweden. When the house was sold and refurnished a costume historian happened to pass by and rescued the last bag of old textiles – ten bags was then already burnt as rubbish... The garment was made 1780-90 from a small patterned cotton print, but the lining is linen and could be dated to the mid 18th century. The fabric is reused; it was joined and patched before it was remade into the jacket. The place of manufacture is unknown, but probably the fabric was made in Sweden.