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Livrustkammaren inv. Nr. 3486 (21445). Celadondräkten, blekgrön rock och byxor burna av Gustav III vid hans besök hos Kata

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Repeat 1x1 cm. Fabric width 145 cm.

Royal armoury, Stockholm. inv. Nr. 3486 (21445) . The Celadon suit, pale green coat and breaches (with matching embroidered waistcoat) was worn by the Swedish king Gustavus III on his visit  Katharine the Great of Russia 1777. Floating pattern warp on tabby ground. In French: decor par poil traînant sur fond taffetas. With neoclassical influence there was a fashion in men’s wear in the late 18th c. for less elaborate patterns as stripes and monochrome fabrics.