NÄCKROS celadon green

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Berchska samlingen 1741-72 Nordiska Museet. Nr 76. Tygprov i ljusblått siden med flotterande mönstervarp som bin

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Repeat: 5,8 x 7,5 cm. Width 145 cm.

Anders Berch collection 1741-72 Nordiska Museet, Stockholm. Nr 76.Sample of  light blue silk with a floating pattern warp. The warp floats in the pattern and is bound in the background and on the reverse by the ground warp in tabby. The French name of this technique is droguet. The sample is the end of a loom-piece with a woven inscription: A.M, 6075.320 The initials belongs to Johan Anders Meurman, whose silk manufactory was active in Stockholm 1760-85. Droguet was the biggest product from the Swedish manufactories. This fabric was used mostly for men’s wear, but in Swedish collections it is also found in women’s short gowns, jackets, stays, shoes and caps.