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Berchska samlingen 1741-72 Nordiska Museet. Nr 64 p.1 a och 64p. 1 b. Tygprov fäst vid pappersark med överskri

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Repeat: : 5,8 x 3,8 cm. Width: 145 cm.

Anders Berch collection 1741-72 Nordiska Museet, Stockholm.
Nr 64 p.1 a och 64p. 1 b

Samples fastened to a piece of paper with inscription: Ryska fabriquers tillverkningar (translated: production of  Russian manufactures)

The original silk is woven with a white warp and two wefts in two colour variations: red/white and yellow/purple. The wefts alternate and float on the face side in the pattern, otherwise they are bound by the warp-faced rep structure of the background (Gros de Tours) and are bound on the reverse. The French name of this technique is Liseré. Small patterned fabrics of this kind was used mainly for men’s costumes, often as coat, waistcoat and breeches in the same fabric. The samples are dated around 1750.